Friday, May 11, 2012

Renting Shares Exchanges

Renting shares is defined as the process of trading contracts for options through one of a number of different stock exchange programs. Renting shares is conducted through a myriad of different online venues designed specifically for stock brokers rather than on an in-person level such as with traditional stock market trading. Renting shares is also commonly referred to as Options Trading or online options trading. Some people even take renting shares and lump it in together with traditional futures trading, using the term Options Futures instead, but options and futures are two widely distinctive concepts. This means that it would be wrong for anyone to combine them together to create a single term.

There are a total of six different exchanges that can be found within the United States, and each lists available contracts for standardized options based on the various underlying stocks that can be bought or sold. These exchanges include:

- The Philadelphia Stock Exchange or PHLX

- The American Stock Exchange or AMEX

- The New York Stock Exchange or NYSE

- The Chicago Board Options Exchange or CBOE

- The International Securities Exchange or ISE

- The Boston Operations Exchange or BOX

The first four mentioned marketplaces are standard open outcry marketplaces, while the latter two, the ISE and the BOX are electronic markets for renting shares online.

Renting shares can be done through nearly any broker that the trader chooses, but this is only assuming that the broker has a facility to offer for renting shares and options trading. The broker is then the person who is responsible for making sure that the traders can buy and sell their options in any of the aforementioned exchanges.

Options are classified two different ways, call options and put options. Both of these classes can be applied to bull and bear markets equally, and they can also be longed, which means they can be bought as a means of establishing a position, or shorted, which means they can be sold in order to establish a position. Both of these processes lead to what is essentially a limitless combination of different strategies for renting shares that can be performed to help traders profit regardless of what is happening to the stock.

Renting shares on the options market is a great way for successful investors to create a large investment picture using a number of different vehicles. Many successful investors have cited renting shares on the options market to be one of the best possible ways to earn a significant income through trading and investing. This is because trading options and renting shares can create leverage, and with this leverage a small investment can easily become something ten times as large. This can be done by making the same type of move on an underlying stock that would normally be made through traditional stock trading methods. If you are looking for a low risk, high reward type of investment, then renting shares is definitely one of the best ways for you to go.

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