Saturday, May 5, 2012

Planning Turns Millionaires to Billionaires

As a child, you probably looked at money without realizing its actual value. A dollar was just a green sheet of paper that you can trade for toys or candy. didn't have much of a difference. But years passed and as an adult, you realize that money is more complicated than a green sheet of paper.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of managing your finances wisely over a long period of time to achieve personal or business goals. Financial planning is not as simple as it sounds and is composed of several steps starting with establishment of goals until the continuous monitoring of implemented plans. Having a financial plan will keep you on track with your finances. There will be fewer risks of you losing money due to poor investments and you would have a higher probability of nurturing your financial status.

When do you need assistance in financial planning?

Some businessmen with economics and accounting backgrounds prefer to plan their own finances as they can navigate their way through financial tangles and blunders, however, those with no expertise can get lost in winding financial roads. Those with complex financial situations and have little financial experience will greatly benefit with financial planning assistance. Asking for help in financial planning if needed is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of common sense.

When it comes to financial planning St. Louis experts recommend hiring an investment advisor. Investment advisors are formerly called brokers, account executives, or stock brokers. They are responsible for buying and selling securities in behalf of their clients. They counsel clients regarding new investment opportunities and investment strategies.

Hiring an investment advisor St. Louis planners can trust needs a keen eye and deep thought. There are questions that an investor needs to ask before hiring an advisor. Is the advisor a certified financial planner? How long has he been in the business? Is his U4 record reputable and clean? Simply taking time to consider these questions may save you from a financial disaster.

If you want to stay involved with your investments with the aid of a financial advisor, an easy and manageable investment is through mutual funds. Investing on mutual funds St. Louis financial advisers say, is like "parking your hard-earned cash at your chosen type of fund in the hopes that it'll generate some revenue." Who knows? Your first million may soon become your first billion.

Hiring an investment advisor requires meticulous scrutiny and good judgment. Read more on how to hire a financial planner or advisor at

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