Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Van Leasing With Used Vans

One of the concerns in business operation is to provide vehicles for operational use. The businesses that needs vehicles may choose to get a vehicle by outright purchase or through leasing. The former is like buying a vehicle in cash or in installment arrangements and the intention is to fully own the vehicle while the latter is leasing arrangement where the vehicle company still owns the vehicle but is offered to the client as leased item. The client then pays a deposit and leasing fee in a regular basis. Usually the arrangement of lease is flexible with the customer's paying capacity. Each model or brand of vans has leasing price. What matters is that you don't need to raise high capital for vehicle purchase. With van leasing, you just need to raise required deposit and ensure that you get regular earnings to compensate the leasing fees to be paid regularly.

The major disadvantage of van leasing is that you have no ownership of the vehicle. As such, you are most likely subject to conditions and terms of usage for the vans. In cases of breakdowns, you are obliged with policies governing breakdown cause by one of your business operations. Despite your effort and money put into the repair, you still don't own the vehicle. Second disadvantage is that you get to lease used vans. Used vans may not be in good driving condition anymore so it would be detrimental to your business operations.

However, the advantage of van leasing outweighs the disadvantages. First, your payment option is flexible with your terms. Whilst owning brand new vans for your business requires big capital, you can be have a vehicles and be operational already with van leasing. You don't have to wait until you get big amount to buy vehicles for the business since van leasing only requires deposits and leasing fee paid on a regular basis. There are also arrangements with van leasing companies that suit your current capacity to pay. Second advantage is that van leasing may be using used vans, but these are refurbished models that are definitely useable to new clients. Van leasing companies usually provide used vans to clients since these are vehicles that have previously been leased by other clients. The remodeling of the used vans makes it look like the new user is getting brand new vans for lease. Different models, brands, and sizes of vans has different leasing price so there is definitely one that suits the needs for your business. If your business is into stocks delivery for example, you can find vans that match the distance of your commercial deliveries, the capacity of the stocks usually carried in the van, and the period that you want to use the van for such a routine. Third advantage is that since you don't own it, you can definitely use another new vehicle if you need to replace the existing one. Vans, just like any vehicles, depreciate. So before it cannot be used anymore, you can readily return it and use another vehicle for continuous business use. If you own the vehicle, you will have problem disposing it to buy a new one or you may be spending money for too much maintenance just to make the depreciated vehicle continuously useable.

There are many companies for van leasing to choose from. You just have to check their services and their period of expertise in dealing with commercial vehicle leasing so you'll get maximum service for your business needs.

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