Monday, July 16, 2012

Mid Size Cars In Australia: An Excellent Choice Of Brands Available

The mid size car segment is thriving in most parts of the world, and Australia is no exception. These are cars that are a bit bigger than a compact and are referred to as the D segment in Europe. Both Australia and New Zealand though, prefer to call them mid size and though they are smaller as compared to North American standards, they are a great combination of just the right amount of space and power required for a small family.

Indeed, the mid size car segment has seen a resurgence with many Australians preferring them over the large gas-guzzling but spacious vehicles that have been dominant till now. The mid size car segment, as offered in the form of sedans and hatchbacks, is ideal for those looking for utility features at an affordable price. Most of the popular brands have latched on to this market segment and introduced models that boast of great internal space optimisation. The external dimensions too make them easy to park and by padding them with sufficient safety features, major brands have ensured that the customer does not feel insecure driving them.

These mid size cars are ideal for both city driving as well as for long highway routes. The leg room for passengers, sufficient engine power, and stream lined external dimensions, as well as adequate boot space provided at the rear, confer upon them the best of both the worlds the flexibility and easy maneuvering associated with small cars without the typical over sized issues that have plagued large cars.

With many people concerned about reducing the personal carbon footprint and also finding it difficult to meet mounting fuel expenses, the mid size car option has come as a breath of fresh air. These vehicles are very utilitarian and though lacking the panache or trendiness of their gas guzzling larger cousins, present the best option to those seeking the middle path and are more than happy to sacrifice performance for utility and money savings.

The consumer has never had it so good. The surfeit of brands that are available in this segment make it a problem of plenty to choose from. While Honda has been a dominant player for a long time in the Australian mid size market, Peugeot, Mazda, Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Hyundai and many others have been making strong inroads into this segment over the last couple of years. All of them have been well received by the consumers and they have also been pampered with some very good introductory offers by these famous brands.

These top brands have been quickly able to blend ride comfort and fuel efficiency in each of their models, making them irresistible for the consumers. They have been diligent about taking consumer feedback and incorporating desired changes in the cabin space to make them not only roomier but also sophisticated so that the consumer does not feel at any point of time that he would have been better off with a larger sedan.

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