Saturday, July 21, 2012

Credit Card Bin #

Credit card bin # is basically a Visa credit card or it can also be a number that relates to another type of credit card. The most popular US credit card bin # is that which has sixteen numbers which in fact are the primary numbers and which are displayed on the front of the card. So, if you have a Discover credit card or a MasterCard, you can be sure that its credit card bin # comprises of sixteen digits.

American Express

American Express is the exception as it is a credit card with a credit card bin # that comprises of just fifteen digits. However, even though credit card bin # can be of any length, it will still be validated in the same way. Complex math is required but in the end the credit card bin # can be validated with utmost accuracy.

How to identify the card type?

Normal credit card bin # is made up of six digits which are the prefix numbers of every credit card. These six digits are known as the Bank Identification Number or BIN. These six digits are actually there to inform the BIN database that they represent the network to which the credit card belongs and to the bank which has issued the credit card. BIN was also referred to as IIN or Issuer Identification Number and the latter makes full use of the special prefix that identifies the card type.

Credit card bin # is obtained from the entire credit card number which in turn has its own structure and so both the credit card bin # and actual credit card number have a scheme of numbering that is common to both.

The prefix from the credit card number includes the first digit of the credit card number which indicates the network to which the credit card belongs. It pays to look at how the credit card bin # is made up in more detail. For example, if the card type is American Express then it will have fifteen numbers in all to make up its credit card number. The prefixes used are thirty-four and thirty-seven.


If the card belongs to BankCard, then the length of the credit card number is 16 and the prefixes are 560 and 561. Even JCB credit cards have fifteen digit credit card numbers but the prefix (in some cases) is 1800 or 2131. There is also a JCB credit card with sixteen digit credit card numbers and prefix of 3.

The credit card bin # is actually made up of the first six digits of the credit card number. This credit card bin # helps in identifying the issuer of the card. In some cases, the credit card bin # refers to an issuer that has restricted the card numbers in a manner that when checked will show that that the last digit of the prefix is used to simply validate the initial digits.

With such kinds of credit card bin #, it is not possible to invent credit card numbers and it also helps in making it easier to record the credit card number into a BIN database with greater accuracy.

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