Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Essence of New York Home Loans and Equity Loans.

As a potential mortgage customer you must know the basic process which comprises of four major stages:

Organizing the required documents: You must have all the documents and their copies ready before applying for mortgage loan. These include copies of computerized salary slips, employment letter issued by your employer stating the position you hold in the company; whether you are on probation or have been made permanent and for how long have you been working with them. You would also be required to furnish your income proof and copy of group certificate and tax returns filed. If you are an entrepreneur then you would be asked for a copy of a past few year's tax returns, copies of lease agreement, and written statement from realtors confirming your income from various invested properties. You will have to disclose a complete checklist of assets which include details of your bank accounts, details on any existing properties. Your detailed credit report is an integral part of the documentation process. Disclose the nature of all outstanding loans and debts. If there is an instance of tax defaults, bankruptcy or arrears in the past, than these facts will have to be revealed.

Borrowing limit: You need to assess and analyze your finances based on the existing conditions. You must try to get as many estimates as you can from the various lending agencies. This can be easily done using online tools on the internet or by inquiring your mortgage broker.

Narrowing down the loan options: Once you figure out your borrowing capabilities, you would be able to narrow down your loan options. After mulling over the choices left, you can consult your broker or the loan officer regarding the most suitable mortgage plan. Every borrower's needs are unique and he is looking to borrow a mortgage which will be in accordance with his particular future financial plans.

The sanctioning of the loan: After your application and related documents are verified, the pre-sanction or the pre-qualification process begins. The property which you want to buy is evaluated by the lenders and the loan amount is finalized. The final acquiescence on the loan is made after the legal papers are prepared and signed by the proper authorities.

In a home equity loan the borrower takes out a loan against his home or property. In such cases the worth or equity of an existing home is used as the collateral. The cash worth or the home equity automatically reduces once it has been used as collateral. Home equity loans are also known as second mortgages. They generally have shorter duration or term than the first mortgages. They are available in two options: closed end and open end home equity loans.

As a mortgage borrower in New York you have to be informed of the choices you have in terms of interest rates and loan terms. If you opt to take out a mortgage with adjustable rate of interest then the regular mortgage repayment amount will differ periodically as dictated by the financial markets. Opting for an adjustable rate mortgage would be sensible for those people who don't want to retain the property for more than 5 years and wish to pay the least rate of interest. If you feel that the interest rates would reduce in the future then adjustable rate mortgage would be an insightful choice.

Home loans in New York are also available as hybrid loans. A hybrid or mixed mortgage concerns a combination of the features of both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages. In the initial years the interest rates remain level but are converted later to adjustable or floating rates. Then for the remaining term the hybrid mortgage is adjusted according to changing interest rates. Hybrid mortgages will surely give you the piece of mind as the payment amount remains stable for the first few years and you don't have to worry about the fluctuating interest rates and increasing payments.

If you belong to the bad credit history category then the conventional or the traditional lenders may shy away from approving your mortgage application. But all hope is not lost for bad credit borrowers as there are special mortgage lenders who provide loans to them on special conditions and rates.

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