Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Home Loan Online With Bad Credit: What Lenders Are Looking For

For many people seeking a new home, the idea of getting their mortgage online seems a little strange. But there are several reasons why it makes sense to seek a home loan online, with bad credit scores ignored being one of the biggest.

As with all loans, there are clear criteria to meet before there can be any hope of securing mortgage approval online. But because everything over the Internet is faster, and online lenders specialize in bad credit lending, there can be greater confidence in getting a better deal.

When it comes to applying for these home loans online, there are three key areas that every applicant should know is of special interest to lenders. They include the size of the down payment, whether bad credit has been improved, and the employment status of the applicant.

The Down Payment

The down payment is a far more significant part of the application process than many people think, especially when applying for a home loan online with bad credit. From the point of view of the lender, bad credit always adds to the risk factor. But if the payment is large, then the level of risk is lowered.

For example, with a normal 10% down payment on a 0,000 house, only ,000 is made with a ,000 mortgage required to complete the purchase. But if a larger payment of 20% were made, then the required mortgage falls to ,000. With a lower sum borrowed, the potential loss for the lender is lower too.

It is the same principal whether seeking mortgage approval online or from more traditional mortgage providers. And since saving such large cash sums requires real financial discipline, it is highly regarded by lenders, increasing the chances of getting the home loan greatly.

Signs of Credit Score Improvement

Low credit scores definitely are a hindrance when applying for large loans, but most mortgage lenders are open-minded over the circumstance that lead to the score. And they are very receptive to applicants who have made a concerted effort to improve their poor scores. This is a huge benefit when applying for a home loan online with bad credit.

Signs of improvement give a very clear indication of just how committed the applicant is to securing the mortgage. It usually means some careful planning is needed well in advance to make any real impact on the score. This degree of forethought can certainly help when seeking mortgage approval online.

The best way to improve your score is to take out a single consolidation loan, and buy out all of the existing debts. It can mean freeing up a lot of extra funds to commit to the home loan repayments. By lowering the interest charged on a mortgage, real savings are made. Just 0 saved each month adds up to ,000 over 30 years.

Having A Reliable Employment Status

Having a large income is no guarantee that an application will be approved. Mortgage providers want to know the source of the income is reliable, and that long-term employment is secured. When seeking a home loan online with bad credit, proving the ability to repay over the full term of the mortgage is essential.

This kind of security cannot be provided by a high-paying short-term contract job, so the size of your income matters little. And as tempting as it might be to believe that mortgage approval online is easy to get, job security still needs to be proven.

Also, remember that the debt-to-income ratio all mortgage providers go by limits the share of excess income for loan repayments to 40%, so home loan repayments must be within that range if approval is to be secured.

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